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  •     1. Early Childhood Memories About Gourmet Mushrooms
  •     2. Confession: Why I Love Eating Boulder Tempeh (It's So Delicious)!
  •     3. How DNA Damage May Be Reversed Using Fungi, Essential Oils And Herbs
  •     4. Utilizing Fungi To Promote A Longer And Healthier Life
  •     5. DNA Protection: Utilizing Fungi, Essential Oils And Herbs For Enhancing DNA Repair
  •     6. Thoughts On Slowing Down The Aging Process Using Fungi, Essential Oils And Herbs
  •     7. Feelings Upon Learning That Some Mushooms And Fermented Foods Shrink Tumors
  •     8. On The Utilization Of Fungi, Essential Oils And Herbs To Shrink Tumors
  •     9. Tips On Using Fungi, Essential Oils And Herbs To Promote Nerve Regeneration
  •     10. Treating Cancer Issues With Fungi, Essential Oils And Herbs For Better Health
  •     11. Using Fungi, Essential Oils And Herbs To Reduce Diabetes By Lowering Blood Sugar
  •     12. Using Fungi, Essential Oils And Herbs In Addressing/Lowering Titre Of Viral Infections
  •     13. Psycological Benefits Of Using Fungi, Essential Oils And Herbs For Clarity
  •     14. Reducing Hearing Loss Using Fungi And Herbs For Cochlear Regeneration
  •     15. Production Of Nutriceutical And Functional Food From Fermented Substrate
  •     16. Observations On How Different Strains Of Fungi Have Smells So Unique
  •     17. Becoming More Cold-Tolerant And Less Fatigued Using Fungi And Herbs
  •     18. Medicinal Fungi, Essential Oils And Herbs For Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse
  •     19. The Importance Of Being Very Selective When Utilizing Different Strains Of Fungi
  •     20. Fermentation For Nutriceutical And Functional Food Production In Outer Space
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Boulder Tempeh [N. boulĚder temĚpeh /bōldər tempā/; A premier functional food consisting of rice, seed or grain which has been fermented through myceliation using gourmet or medicinal (mushroom) strains such as Black Morel, Golden Morel, Truffle, Portabella, Lion's Mane, Shiitake, Reishi, Maitake, Oyster, Chantrelle, Flamulina velutipes, Pholiota nameko, Cordyceps sinensis, Polyporus sulphuris, or similar Basidiomycota or Ascomycota Fungi. Boulder Tempeh is a tasty fermented food which is cooked much like regular tempeh, i.e. in bread, soups and sauces, by stir-frying, etc, before consumption. Antonyms of Boulder Tempeh include any product or item made from the bread mold Rhizopus oligosporus grown on grain and or soybeans. Synonyms of Boulder Tempeh include Mushroom Rice, Mushroom Tempeh, Black Morel Tempeh, Truffle Tempeh, Lion's Mane Tempeh, Oyster Mushroom Tempeh, Pholiota Tempeh, Chicken Of The Woods Tempeh, Shiitake Tempeh, Maitake Tempeh, Portabella Tempeh, Mushroom Coffee, Reishi Coffee, Cordyceps Coffee, Cordyceps Chocolate, MycoNectar, Cordyceps Nectar, Lion's Mane Nectar, Reishi Nectar, Flamulina Nectar.] Boulder Tempeh comes only from  Boulder Tempeh website.